• PLETF stands for Permanent Land Endowment Trust Fund.

The PLETF was established in the Arizona Constitution under Article 10, Section 7. Referring to the map below, privately-held land, shaded white in color, comprises only 14% of Arizona land. State Trust Lands, colored in light blue, were given to Arizona by the Federal Government at statehood as an endowment. The Arizona Constitution requires the Treasurer to deposit and invest the proceeds of land sales in the PLETF according to the grant under which the land was conveyed to Arizona by Congress.

Map of the State of Arizona Trust Lands

There are 13 different beneficiaries of the PLETF, each with their own trust land and separate trust fund. The beneficiaries are listed below:

Endowment Beneficiaries
101 – A&M Colleges 107 – Normal School ASU/NAU 112 – State Charitable
102 – State Hospital 108 – Penitentiaries 113 – University Fund
103 – Leg., Exec., & Jud. 109 – Permanent Common School 114 – UofA Land – 1881
104 – Military Institute 110 – School for Deaf & Blind
105 – Miners Hospital 111 – School of Mines

As of November 30, 2018, The Permanent Land Endowment Trust Fund has an approximate fair market value of $5.8 Billion. The largest beneficiary and corresponding fund is the Permanent Common School Fund which, as of November 30, 2018, has an approximate fair market value of $5.5 Billion. The proceeds from this fund are distributed to classrooms across Arizona.