The Office of the State Treasurer Arizona complies with Arizona Public Records law and is committed to making information easily available to the public. Many reports, data, and other records are available on our website,, under the RESOURCES tab. If a member of the public requires additional records not found on, it is our intention to respond as promptly as circumstances permit, subject to time available during the regularly scheduled business day.
To ensure consistency in our handling of public records requests, the Office of the State Treasurer Arizona has established an online public records request form and ask that individuals seeking public records submit the inquiry through the form below. If you are unable to submit your inquiry through this electronic form, please mail your request to:
Office of the State Treasurer Arizona
Public Records Administrator
1700 W. Washington St., Suite #102
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Please note, it may take some time to research your request and locate the documents requested. Requests may take longer to process if redactions are needed or when records must be collected from multiple sources or archived files. In accordance with A.R.S. ยง39-121.01(D)(1), the Treasurer may charge for making copies of public records.
IMPORTANT: Please click HERE to read the Treasury procedures and standards for public records requests before submitting.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Public Records Administrator
Phone: (602)-542-7841