Arizona Report of Bonded Indebtedness FY 2016 Forms

The Office of the Arizona State Treasurer is responsible for recording all issues of debt – bonds, lease purchases, or third party financing for terms greater than one year issued by political subdivisions in the State of Arizona. For more information, contact Mark Swenson, Deputy Treasurer, Policy and Research at (602) 542-7877 or email us at [email protected]

For FY 2016, we have eliminated the separate lease purchase report form from previous years. Instead, all lease purchase contracts will be listed on the same form as the 2016 debt report form.

For Fiscal Year 2014 and earlier, Arizona political subdivisions reported outstanding debt to the Arizona Department of Revenue which produced the annual bond debt report.

Form Number Form Name Form Description Download Form Download Instructions
ASTO BID-2016 Report of Debt, Leases and Contracts A statewide Report of Bonded Indebtedness, statutorily required in A.R.S. § 35-501, is compiled using the information provided on this form. The information submitted should reflect all indebtedness as of June 30, 2016. Download
Download Instructions
ASTO 1013 Report of Bond and Security Issuance This information is due within 60 days of the issue Pursuant to §ARS 35-501B. Download
Download Instructions

Data sheets can be uploaded Here

If you have no bond indebtedness or lease/purchase data to report, please write None on the first line of the spreadsheet, and upload it.

If you upload your data to our website, then a printed/fax/mailed copy with a signature will not be necessary.